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Welcome to Cloned Passports

We offer a professional service for supplying a range of US and UK passports to people who may need them but cannot get them for whatever reason.

Maybe you want to flee a war torn country, start a new life in the UK or US or just need some photo ID to open a bank account or get a drivers licence.

We have for sale three types of Passport available depending on your requirements.

They are;

1) Fake/Counterfit Passport
2) Stolen Passport
3) Fully Cloned Passport

These are available currently as UK or US passports. Please choose carefully depending on what you would like to use the passports for. See each of the tabs above for a more detaled description of each type.

All passport types are made using genuine blank passports and the same professional printing equipment used to make actual passports. RFID chips are inserted into the passports and programed with the correct data. There is absolutly no difference between our passports and government issued passports other than the information you wish to have put on them.


These are blank genuine passports that will have your photo and details printed into them. I can put your data on the RFID chip too. However the details will not be put onto the international system or any official records. This means you can use the passport as ID for any number of things including opening a bank account, but you will not be able to use it to travel through international boarders, since they scan all passports now as you pass through and cross reference against the system.

The passports themselves are genuine and I have access to specialist high quality printing equipment so you will recieve a very high quality item. These are not made using cheap chinese knock offs.

Stolen Passport

I have a selection of stolen genuine passports. These are usefull if you wish to steal an identity or use it as a fake ID. If you send me a photo of yourself I can select a passport that most closely matches your appearence. You can try travelling on these, however if it's been reported missing then you're in the shit if you get caught!I have no way of knowing if the passport is reported or not.

Fully Cloned Passports

This is a combination of the above two options. I have a selection of current passport details, including photo scans and RFID data scans. I can then print you a completely new clone of what is a current existing passport that you can use for international travel. In terms of photograph, I can make a clone using the existing photo provided that looks like you, or I can replace the photo with one of your choice. I will doctor it so that it replaces something that closely resembles you to begin with anyway.

How to Order

To make an order simply email your request to I will then put together a quotation for your specific requirements and let you know what addtional information I may need to complete the order.

I will also include a bitcoin address for you send payment to. (Information about bitcoins is given in teh Bitcoin section).

Your order will then be posted to an address of your choice. I would advise that you set up some sort of anonymous PO box or use an address that you have access to but to which is not linked to you.


The following prices are the start price for each of the three main passport types I offer and then for UK or US versions. Please note that US blanks are a lot more difficult for me to get hold of which is reflected in the price. I have quoted prices in USD, even though I require payment in BitCoin. This is due to the value of BitCoin fluctuating quite a lot. The personal quotation I send will be in BitCoin (with reference to the exchange to USD at the time of quotation.

Counterfit Passport US......$1800
Counterfit Passport UK......$1600
Stolen Passport US..........$2200
Stolen Passport UK..........$2200
Fully Cloned Passport US....$5200
Fully Cloned Passport UK....$5000


What are bit coins?

In short they are a digital currency that if used correctly are completely anonymous. For a more detailed description have a read through this article:

What is BitCoin?

Where can I get and use Bitcoins?

You can buy your bitcoins through either an exchange (there are many online), in person locally or buy selling things and accepting bitcoin as payment.

In order to send and recieve bitcoins you will also need a virtual bitcoin wallet.

A good article to get you on your way if you are new to bitcoins can be found at:

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